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Individuals struggling with alcohol and drug addiction often feel desperately alone and believe they are to blame for their condition. Without treatment, addiction ruins lives and careers, leading to family breakdown, loss of income and immense personal suffering.
If you are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction you need to know that it is not your fault and there is hope! Addiction is a brain disease that can be treated effectively before hitting bottom.
MIRUS North York Addiction Services works with families, employers, friends and the individual to arrest further progression of the illness and establish healthy recovery within a supportive community.
Using best practice abstinence-based approaches, our staff of qualified addiction professionals, provides family, group and individual support in the form of coaching, assessments, education, interventions, intensive outpatient treatment, relapse prevention and aftercare services.
We also provide expedited alcohol and drug rehab placement and referral as well as therapeutic and legal drug monitoring. We regularly engage in community outreach and education.
Since 1994 MIRUS Treatment Centre in North York has helped thousands of patients and families regain healthy lives free from alcohol or drug addiction.
This has been possible because of the commitment MIRUS brings to our time-honoured standard of excellence and compassionate care.
We are dedicated to providing the best possible treatment program to help make long term, sustainable recovery a reality in our patients' lives.
MIRUS Mission Statement
Providing addiction treatment, education, training and support to individuals, families and workplaces.
Compassion: We focus on unconditional positive regard for our clients, regardless of their motivation to change.
Respect for Individual Goals and Needs: We provide treatment that is individualized based on the stated goals and needs of the client.
Ethical Professionalism: We recognize that when addiction touches people’s lives they are often in crisis and are vulnerable; therefore, the highest standards of ethics and care are taken in all aspects of treatment.
Team Approach to Treatment: As a professional group, we bring strong experience in medical, psychiatric, counseling, social work, trauma and addictions which for many of us includes personal experiences.
Continuing Care: Our clients are supported along the continuum of care with long term support as well as additional treatment when required. As a team, we strive to grow along with our clients in our own programs of recovery and wellness.
Dedication and Passion: This is not just a job for us, we are personally dedicated to helping individuals and families lead healthier lives and cultivate passion for recovery.
Ongoing Learning and Development: We continue to develop our skills, learning from our clients, other professionals, the latest research on addiction treatment and ongoing training. We support members of the community including students and other professionals to enhance their understanding of alcohol and drug addiction.

Industry standard screening tools help us determine any pre-existing psychiatric disorders (if present) as well assess motivation and suitability for either residential treatment or Outpatient Services.


We all know change happens in stages: commitment, active implementation of new behaviors followed by maintenance. MIRUS North York offers programs and services that focus on effective treatment and sustained recovery. We’re here to help you and your family get and stay healthy.  

North York Aftercare group meets on Thursdays.

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